Although Laura retired from professional music in 2009, she will always be a musician at heart and still enjoys music as a hobby today. She loved recording four albums and three Christmas Albums and playing more than 50 venues on the Truck R4 Girls Tour. As a hobby project, she is currently working on songs of which proceeds will benefit Domestic Violence Victims. More info coming soon...

Laura's father passed away on April 20, 2016. For those who knew them, it was well known that Laura was the apple of her father's eye. He was her favorite person. An investment banker by profession, Laura's father's largest investment was in his daughter. He spent his life inspiring her to believe, shoot for the stars and "sock it to'em" as he told her every day. Laura wrote and recorded On Your Mark to honor her father on her 2007 Trucks R4 Girls Album on Lamon Records, Nashville, TN.

Appearance on Charlotte, NC-based TV Show "Kool Kat Ken & Friends."