There’s nothing more intimate,
more personal between two people,
than holding one’s life and death
between one’s hands.
— Laura Pettler

co-executive producer and host of international academy of web television awards nominated true crime docuWEB-SERIES "NOTORIOUS"

premiered june 21, 2017

Directed by Award Nominated and Winning Director Gwen Titley,  "Notorious True Crime Stories with Laura Pettler" is a docuweb series about the most sensational, most compelling, most twisty and turning cases around. Beginning with alleged serial killer Edward Art Surratt, Season 1 launches the series telling the story of how Surratt terrorized Western PA in the late 1970s. Surratt accumulated 20 victims or more across Ohio and Pennsylvania before traveling south to South Carolina and Florida where he's in prison.  "Notorious" is set in Western Pennsylvania where Laura grew up, so hosting the show is a fun way to participate in the community she still loves to go home to today.

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Notorious is produced by LPA's BlackHorse Production in partnership with The Times and Calkins Media.

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