Welcome to My Blog! :)

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my Blog! Here I will be posting about cool stuff like all the projects I do around our farm. My daughter jokes and calls my projects "DIY With the Doctor", so look for posts to Pinterest and Share with that title. 

Additionally, I hope to warm the hearts of others with photos and posts about my wonderful four-legged children. I am an avid Equestrian, have been my whole life, and am a French Bulldog Fancier. I am incredibly blessed to live on a farm named Cavalleria Rusticana, which means "rustic chivalry" in Italian. You can check out the farm here www.cavalleria.co. 

Further, I will post about the passion I have for my work in building awareness about crime scene staging in homicide cases, domestic violence, intimicide, death investigation, and crime synthesis.

I hope you'll enjoy reading my posts and I look forward to your feedback. Positive, appropriate, and polite comments always welcome! :) 

Aspire to Inspire,