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It all started when...

Laura Pettler started Amazin' Grace Records in 1997 and demo'ed cover songs on an album she called "Sending Me Angels" in 1999. Amazin' Grace Records transitioned to Laura Pettler Music in 2006 upon being signed by Lamon Records owned by Award-Winning Producer Dave Moody  of the Moody Brothers. Laura retired from professional music in 2009 to finish her PhD, but because she still loves production, set design, and entertainment has shifted gears and is involved in True Crime web series and TV show development today.

BlackHorse Productions was formed as part of Laura Pettler & Associates to categorize all of Laura's webseries and TV projects of which she will earn producer credit beginning with Notorious: True Crime Stories with Laura Pettler. 

BHP looks forward to many new partnerships with media companies worldwide bringing quality true crime edutainment to fans.