I don’t need luck,
I have evidence,
You need luck...
— Dr. Laura Pettler

Forensic Criminologist on the

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Private Investigator, former District Attorney's Investigator and Deputy Coroner, Co-Executive Producer and Host of International Academy of Web Television Awards Nominee "Notorious: True Crime Stories with Laura Pettler,"Laura is the CEO of North Carolina based company 'Laura Pettler & Associates Private Investigation & Forensic Consultation'.

 Laura Pettler, PhD, LPI, CSCSA

Laura Pettler, PhD, LPI, CSCSA

Laura was the Director of North Carolina's former and only Crime Scene Reconstruction and Behavioral Analysis program in history based in Prosecutorial District 20A and was the Director of its former Cold Case Task Force. Laura is the author of the world's first book on crime scene staging and intimate partner homicides, where she often uses her own invention, The Kaleidoscope Crime Scene Reconstruction Laser System to rebuild bullet and bloodstain trajectories...then there's the flip side...she's a Singer/Songwriter, French Bulldog and Doberman Pinscher Fancier, an avid Equestrian, Mounted Archer, and a relentless DIYer who loves renovating her farm!


"Aspire to Inspire." - Laura Pettler


Laura Pettler, BS, MS, PhD, LPI, CSCSA is a forensic criminologist, a North Carolina Licensed Private Investigator (Lic#5330), and is certified by the International Association for Identification as a Senior Crime Scene Analyst (CSCSA #2551). As a forensic criminologist, Laura analyzes the physical and behavioral evidence in death cases. She bloodstains, bullet paths, wound paths, evidence in the scene, along with personality traits, emotionality, cognition, and behaviors. As a District Attorney's Investigator for North Carolina, she was head of District 20A's Cold Case Task Force, the Cofounder and Director of North Carolina's first and only Crime Scene Reconstruction and Behavioral Analysis Program, and is retained by Lancaster County South Carolina Coroner's Office as their Forensic Criminologist. 

Laura's area of expertise is staged crime scenes in intimate partner and domestic violence homicide cases, which in some cases extends to missing persons, serial homicide, and sexual homicide as well. Laura is the author of the first book in the world on crime scene staging entitled, Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases. Laura is also the inventor of The Kaleidoscope System Shooting and Bloodstain Reconstruction System sold in more than 30 countries. Though Laura doesn't teach on the groundmuch anymore, she still teaches in LPA's Online School the LPA International Forensics Institute, she presents a few short lecture each year as a keynote speaker or conference presenter.

 Dobermans Gia, Giulia, Laura, French Bulldogs Ava, and Sophia Claire

Dobermans Gia, Giulia, Laura, French Bulldogs Ava, and Sophia Claire

Laura's life...

Born in 1974, Laura grew up in Beaver, PA and participated in many learning activities as a child. Laura and daughter Alexis, moved to Waxhaw Horse Country, North Carolina in 1997. Laura and Alexis live on, Cavalleria (cah-VAHL-a-REE-a...sounds like galleria) Rusticana Baroque Equine Training & French Bulldogs, their farm dedicated to Classical Dressage, Baroque Equestrian Games, Foxhunting, and Mounted Archery on the equine side and breeding conformation Champion French Bulldogs. Laura also has two Champion Bred Doberman Pinschers SAGINAW BAY SUNSETS AGLOW "Gia" and TEVRO D'VINE DRAGONFIRE OF CAVALLERIA "Giulia".

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Laura loves mounted archery, medieval horse "everything", and foxhunting. Classical dressage is the foundation of everything she does and she taught riding lessons and trained horses when she was younger. Laura and grandson Stephen enjoy showing their dogs in the AKC circuit. Laura is an avid DIYer and typically builds everything at Cavalleria herself with the help of others with special skillsets.

Laura is the living legacy of her hero, her late father, Donald H. Pettler, who himself is an incredible success story. Donald Pettler passed away April 20, 2016 and her favorite person. He invested his entire life investing in her life towards making her the individual she is today and told her "Sock it to'em!", now tattooed on her wrist at the end of most conversations for 41 years. His teachings shaped her as a child to love learning, pursue higher education, become an inventor like her grandfather Eugene Pettler, and and author like her aunt Dr. Florence Pettler. Laura comes from a long line of hard working Pettlers' who lived right, helped others, and loved their families and friends. 

Confident, successful women effortlessly embolden other women’s confidence and success just as weak, jealous women effortlessly embolden their own fear and insecurities.
— Laura Pettler