Laura Pettler was born in 1974. Laura's mom couldn't raise Laura at the time, so Laura spent her earliest days as an orphan at the Children's Home of Pittsburgh. Donald Pettler and his then wife adopted Laura and raised her together until the couple's divorce when Laura was 12. Laura grew up in Beaver, PA in the same house her Dad grew up in, though it was rough after the divorce. Laura had her daughter, Alexis at 17 years old. Upon graduating from college, she and Alexis moved to Waxhaw Horse Country, North Carolina. Laura and Alexis live on their farm, "Cavalleria Rusticana". They raise award-winning Friesian Horses and breed to show Champion French Bulldogs. Laura's life revolves around her animals and she is an avid Equestrian. She has been a fox hunter for many years and most recently began the sport of Mounted Archery. Laura is the founder of the Carolina Warriors Mounted Archers recreational club based in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Laura enjoys showing her dogs in the AKC conformation circuit, training her horses, building everything DIY at Cavalleria, and spending time with her husband and daughter. 

Laura is the living legacy of Donald H. Pettler, who himself is an incredible success story. Then when Laura was 28 years old, she found her biological mother, Mary Ardeth Davis Molello of whom she has a wonderful mother-daughter relationship with today. Donald Pettler passed away April 20, 2016 and remains Laura's hero. He was her favorite person. He invested his entire life investing in her life towards making her the individual she is today and told her "Sock it to'em!" at the end of most conversations for 41 years...Laura now has his words tattooed on her arm. His teachings shaped her as a child to love learning, pursue higher education, become an inventor like her grandfather Eugene Pettler, and and author like her aunt Dr. Florence Pettler. Laura comes from a long line of hard working Pettlers who lived right, helped others, and loved their families and friends. 

"Sempre imparo" (I'm always learning) - Laura Pettler 
"Sock it to'em" (Spell "dare" "N-O") - Donald Pettler

Laura is a forensic criminologist. That means she analyzes the physical evidence in a crime scene in order to identify offender and victim characteristics like personality traits, emotionality, cognition, and behaviors. Forensic criminology combines the physical evidence and the behavioral evidence into an interwoven pattern of which investigators can often use to help develop new leads for their cases. Laura is a former District Attorney's Investigator for North Carolina, was head of District 20A's Cold Case Task Force, the Director of North Carolina's first and only Crime Scene Reconstruction and Behavioral Analysis Program, and is now retained by Lancaster County South Carolina Coroner's Office as their Forensic Criminologist and previously served as a Deputy Coroner. 

Laura's area of expertise is staged crime scenes in domestic violence homicide cases, however, she is well versed in serial homicide, sexual homicide, bloodstain pattern and shooting reconstruction. Laura is the author of the first book in the world on crime scene staging entitled, Crime Scene Staging Dynamics in Homicide Cases. Laura is also the inventor of The Kaleidoscope System Shooting and Bloodstain Reconstruction System sold in more than 30 countries. Laura is a keynote speaker, symposium presenter, CEO and entrepreneur, Director of the LPA International Forensics Institute, WebTV Show Host, and Producer. 

On June 21, 2017 Laura's production entity, Black Horse Productions in partnership with Caulkins Media and The Times, Inc., dropped "Notorious: True Crime Stories with Laura Pettler," Season 1: The Story of Serial Killer Edward Arthur Surratt. 


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